Helen Bond     Download
The orthodox explanation for the origins of Christianity just doesn’t stack up when looked at critically. This article explains what orthodox Professor Helen Bond gets wrong (and also what she gets right) as she attempts to justify the standard academic position.

Paula Fredriksen     Download
The abandonment of the Temple Mount occurred in AD70. This date marks the birth of the myth, and the emergence of Christians. There is little to support the idea that a Jewish sage instituted the religion around the year 30. Fredriksen like most theologians is partly right but mostly wrong.

Greg Sheridan     Download
This book aims to convince the Australian public that Church and State can exist together harmoniously. However, the scholarship which Sheridan presents is well below par and I suggest a better way to approach the problem.

John Dickson    Download
One can imagine an ancient version of Dickson, robed and standing on a street corner in Athens in the year 122 quoting the famous writer Plutarch upon the virtues of worshipping Isis. “You can feel the very presence of the goddess” would be the argument that this purveyor of ancient wisdom would cry, “… and furthermore, Archimedes said so.”

Jesus quotes Paul     Download
Was Jesus the author of Christianity or was it the apostle Paul? This article looks at the writings of Paul and compares them with the sayings of Jesus as recorded by the gospel writer Matthew. We conclude that at least one source for the legend of Jesus was the revelation received by Paul.  

Paul the Movie     Download
Paul: Apostle of Christ was released in 2018 as a Biblical drama which purports to show the last days of Paul and his interaction with the early church. But how accurate is it? Does it really show what happened 2000 years ago?

Historical Jesus Conference Presentation July 2021     Download
The Global Center for Religious Research (GCRR) is hosting the 2021 International eConference on the Historical Jesus, which will bring together historians, philosophers, specialists, and scholars from all over the world to discuss the latest in historical Jesus research. The purpose of this multidisciplinary virtual conference is to advance the socio-political, historical, hermeneutical, and philosophical understanding of the historical Jesus.

Christianity proceeded from reasoning     Download
My contention is that belief in Christus was a consequence of reasoning that certain things, things described in sacred writings , must be so. In other words, “Jesus” was theologically constructed ex nihilo, from nothing.

El cristianismo procedió del razonamiento     Download
Mi argumento es que la creencia en Christus fue una consecuencia del razonamiento de que ciertas cosas, las cosas descritas en los escritos sagrados, deben ser así. En otras palabras, “Jesús” fue construido teológicamente ex nihilo, de la nada.

Hector Avalos: The Unhistorical Jesus     Download
Chapter 4 of “The End of Biblical Studies”